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Setting the foundation for that sweet, clumsy, curious puppy of yours to grow into a happy, confident friendly and respectful companion takes consistency and patience.


At Funk + Waggers we are here to provide that consistency and support while you're away from home. Whether is it work or travel that takes you away from home, we are here to support your training and sub-in for the affection your puppy needs. 


Learning that the world is a safe and happy place is key them growing into a confident, happy and well mannered dog. 

Each Grow + Learn Walk provides: 

  • consistency: ensure feeding and exercise remains uninterrupted 

  • housebreaking: we can help maintain a consistent housebreaking routine 

  • companionship: we provide an awesome brain-break with lots of love and affection

  • feeding: there to keep to a feeding schedule

  • exercise: engaging walk help expend their ever bountiful energy

  • puppy clean-up: we will tidy-up any accident your fur-baby may have had

  • socialization: your puppy will be exposed to different sights, sounds, smells, surfaces, people and other dogs in a fun and confidence building way

  • leash work: practice loose-leash walking techniques

  • commands + manners: we will practice basic commands (sit, down, stay) and help with basic etiquette such as "wait" and "off"

Additional Service Fee of 25% on services provided on holidays.

Rates adjust based on weekly frequency of services utilized. Rates are subject to change. Additional fees may apply.