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Business function after work? Lunch out with the girls? Or maybe dinner and a movie with your sweetie!

Plan your event with peace-of-mind knowing your pet care professional is at home hanging out with your fur-baby.


At Funk + Waggers we are here to minimize both yours and your puppy’s stress by providing companionship and routine while you're away from home.

Your puppy will receive: ​

  • feeding, fresh water and snacks

  • walk and playtime

  • hanging out time with a loving pet sitter

  • administer medication (if required)

  • the consistency of routine and environment

Perfect for the puppy who needs a little extra supervision or has spent a long day home alone already.  

This service is also appreciated by folks with mature dogs or dogs that suffer from anxiety. Peace-of-mind for your that both your pet and home will be safe.


This service is priced for a household with up to 2 pets. 

Additional Service Fee of 25% on services provided on holidays.

* Rates are subject to change. Additional fees may apply.