Happy Canada Day Folks! Pointers to Help Keep Your Puppers Safe Tonight

Hey folks have fun, be safe, and enjoy your Canada 🇨🇦 Day! And tonight — all jokes aside — remember most dogs are not big fans when it comes to fireworks.

Fireworks can be super scary and confusing to dogs — loud bangs, randomness, extreme light changes, even the atmosphere pressure changes... and your puppers can feel all of that. Translating into a complete anxiety stacking sensory overload.

While there are no failsafes for sound sensitive dogs, here are a few considerations to make your pup feel safer.

1) Crating: Denning is instinctive to dogs and makes them feel safe. With nothing behind them and clear view in front, the crate can mimic a cave like enclosure and provide comfort. With wire crates consider draping the sides with a sheet — the darker the better. Just make sure there is adequate airflow.

2) Swaddle: No crate... many dogs can really find comfort wearing a “thunder shirt”. Just as you swaddle a baby with a blanket — being cuddled-up feels like a calming“hug”. If you don’t have a “thunder shirt” no worries — for smaller dogs consider snugging them up in a light weight blanket... bigger dogs try achieving the cuddle concept with a snug-fitting t-shirt. But again be mindful that the extra layer isn’t too hot for your pooch.

3) Noise Damping: Find the most sound proof place in your home and put on some soothing music, or turn on the TV and chill out with your dog. What you’re attempting to do is muffle out the noise from outside. Your dog is likely to be in a height state of anxiety with the environment changes caused by fireworks, so consider kicking back with your fur-buddy so they don’t feel isolated too.

And be sure, just in case your dog sees an opportunity to bolt, that they are wearing their collar with identification.

About the author: Tori is a lifetime pet lover who spends her days joyously caring for and engaging with her clients and their dogs and cats. She is the owner of Funk + Waggers, a south west Toronto, south Etobicoke and south Mississauga area based dog walking, puppy support, dog and cat sitting company. Her objective is to share with pet owners everywhere the importance of exercise, engagement, and leadership for raising happy, thriving, well adjusted pets.

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