pet parent pledge.


safety.   For the safety of the pets in our care, Funk + Waggers is committed to focused attention. No smoking is permitted ever on the job. On walks there is no goofing on phones with games, texting or chit-chats. Our pet care providers travel with a full and complete pet first aid kit on the off chance of injury.  


customized services.   Just as no two pets are alike, no two homes are exactly alike, that’s why we offer a wide variety of services to fit our client’s exacting needs -- enabling the ability to custom craft their pet care plan. 


fun + engaging.   No matter your pets age or energy level we plan fun, engaging experiences for them. Our services are not a list of tick-box tasks to perform. At Funk + Waggers we go above and beyond to earn and build your pet’s trust, respect and affection.


outstanding communication + service.    We exist to provide our clients and their pets with a “top-dog” "purr-fect" pet care experience. Clients can review the events of each visit by simply logging onto their Funk + Waggers profile. Your pet care professional provides  a journal entry after each visit to keep clients updated on the activities of their furry loved ones.   


professionalism.   Funk + Waggers is professional pet care company. Our clients know and trust that they are leaving the care of their furry loved ones and their homes to an experienced, qualified, insured and bonded business. Respecting our client’s property/home and observing client confidentiality at all times.


extensive services + competitive rates.   Care and ownership of pets is an investment both emotionally and financially, so our services are tailored to our client’s needs and priced competitively. We offer a variety of services at different price points to accommodate needs and budgets.  


experience + ongoing education.   Our experience and ongoing education allows us to better understand your pet’s individual needs and how to best interact with them. At

Funk & Waggers we are dedicated to continual education and constant renewal of knowledge in animal behaviour, engagement and care. 


convenience + technology.   For the convenience of our client’s and to ensure a consistent and smooth experience Funk + Waggers utilizes a secure, high-tech scheduling and administration system to ensure no pet gets forgotten. Each client is provided a personal portal to request pet care, view their service calendar, update billing information and password. We are also active on Facebook and Instagram with fun updates, contests and promotions and our blog provides uplifting and an informative perspective on urban pet care.    


continuous improvement.   Super successful businesses are defined by how well they listen and evolve to the needs of their clients. At Funk + Waggers we seek out client feedback after each service. This is our way of taking a pulse on our promise to client’s and their pets. Our client assessments are important to us and we highly encourage clients to let us know what they loved about the process and of any suggestions they may have for improvement.   


pet passion.   Funk + Waggers is founded on a love and passion for pets, and the joy they bring us daily. Whether you're out for the day or the road for a few -- we make it our priority to provide your pets with the same affection, attention and care they receive when you’re there. Our purpose is to be a seamless stress-free extension of the care and dedication your pets are accustom to.