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why us?

+ security.

Committed to deliver on our promise; our processes, member portal and insurance coverage insure open communication and protect your pet and home.

Your secure online Member account is your 24/7 gateway to booking services, checking your 

pets itinerary, updating pet instructions, making a payment and 

much more.

happy tails!

We are terrific folks,

just ask us :) -- running 

a well organized business to ensure your pet care professional can focus on what they do best -- create awesome experiences for your pet.


We love what we do and are crazy happy to  share updates and photos after each visit. Transparent communications (always) for peace of mind and a grin.

Heart & Hands

What we do, is all we do. This is no side-hustle. By carrying commercial 

liability insurance and secure Member portal

we demonstrate our dedication to ensuring your trust and protection.

love on!
we help you give it as
good as you get it.

lock the door behind you

guilt free.

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Having a pet is such a joyous and rewarding adventure. They are there for you and you for them. But there are times when your pet just can’t go where you go -- we get it.


Imagine locking the door behind you guilt and stress-free, knowing your pet care

specialist will be there to maintain feeding routines, provide exercise, bio-breaks,

brain-breaks, compassionate and flip'n engaging care.

Your pet stays in their happy home and we come to them.

Whether leaving for the day or away for an extended

period -- Funk + Waggers that situation, with

fully insured, heart-centred pet care

when you can’t be there.


service areas.

If you're looking for a professional dog walking, puppy care and pet sitting company in west Toronto or south Mississauga -- look no further! Funk + Waggers the heck out of your pet care needs with fully insured, trusted,

compassionate care from our fun loving pet care specialists. We provide engaging dog walking, puppy care and pet sitting to folks living in these postal code areas.


M5T   M5V

M6J  M6K  M6R   M6S

M8V   M8W   M8X   M8Y   M8Z


L5E        L5G        L5H        L5J


get started.

it's easy-peasy

Click "new member registration" in the header. Submit your new member info. Receive a 'Welcome' email with account verification from us. 

Login, complete your

pet parent profile. The more detail the better.

Tab to 'Schedule'. Click 

'+ Request New Service' and follow the prompts to request the services you need. Even schedule a Meet + Greet

here too.

4. confirmation

We're alerted to your request, assign a pet care pro and send you a confirmation email accepting your request.


Word-of mouth from our members makes our day! And when you're soooo thrilled with our service you refer a friend --- well let the happy dance begin!


Our "ruff-eral" program has been implemented to share the love right back at'cha.  We have some great "ruff-eral" options for you. Discover our Member referral details below.  

share the love + ruff-err a friend

share the love.

Here at Funk + Waggers, we stand by the belief that "caring is sharing". And when our members share, we think it's important to show you how much we care. Each time you refer a new pet parent, who becomes a Member by purchasing a minimum of $50 of services, and you can pick one of the following "Wag On - Thank You" gifts: 

  • $20 Amazon E-gift Card,

  • $20 off your next purchase of Funk + Waggers services, or

  • 1 Free "Get-up-and-Go" dog walk or "Happy Cat" visit.


But wait... there's more!

Your friend who is referred will also receive a "special" Funk + Waggers welcome! They receive a 5% savings off their first purchase with us. And the best part -- this referral welcome can be used in combination with any other active offers. 

To ensure everyone gets their "thank you", we need to know it came from you. When referring a new member to Funk + Waggers please ensure when you friend clicks the "NEW MEMBER REGISTRATION" button they share your name in the "Referred By" section. 


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