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get-up and go walks.

30_minute walks / morning or midday / monday - friday

$14_4+ walks per week 

$20_2 to 3 walks per week 

$25_1 walk per week

additional dog $10  /  solo walk add $5 

Jam-packed schedule and want to ensure your dog is exercised?

Funk + Waggers that situation! We are all about making your life easier and your dog's happier. We couple an engaging walk including lots of love and care for your pooch -- with the ease of scheduling, customization of care and level of communication

you're looking for.  

  • routine + exercise 

  • brain-break 

  • bio-break 

  • socialization with other furry friends

  • loads of engaging attention and affection

  • pet parent journal update with picture 

Walks are in small, structured groups

(max. 3 three dogs) or individually depending on the schedule for the day.  If your dog requires a solo, one-on-one walk those can be arranged too! This bio and brain break is perfect for the dog that appreciates a busy break and a 

mid-day jaunt around the 'hood'. 

Additional Service Fee of 25% on services provided on holidays.