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energy bounder walks.

60_minute walks / morning or midday / monday - friday

$28_4+ walks per week 

$30_2 to 3 walks per week 

$33_1 walk per week

additional dog $10  /  solo walk add $5 

High-energy dog versus your "go-go" schedule? The Energy Bounder Walk is an awesome option for high energy dogs who will happily "keep-on-keeping-on" when they're out for a walk. A great way to maintain your dog's health and socialization with the extra time they need to get their ya-ya's out. We are all about making both your life and your

dog's happier. 

  • routine + exercise 

  • brain-break 

  • bio-break 

  • socialization with other furry friends

  • loads of engaging attention and affection

  • pet parent journal update with picture 

Walks are in small, structured groups (max. 3 three dogs) or individually 

 depending on the schedule for the day. If your dog requires a solo, one-on-one walk those can be arranged too! Extra long brain break -- for the high-energy dog that needs a little extra time.

We couple an engaging dog walk with lots of love and care for your pooch, with the ease of scheduling and customization of care you're looking for. 

Additional Service Fee of 25% on services provided on holidays.