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happy dog visits.

30 minute visit / monday - sunday / up to 2 dogs per household

4+ visits / week $14

1 to 3 visits / week $22

early morning and night visits add $5 

over 2 pets additional $5

At Funk + Waggers we are here to make your life easier and your dog's life happier. Whether a bit of a couch potato, recouping from surgery/illness, or a mature fur buddy who just needs a bio-and-brain-break -- we have you covered.

Head out guilt free knowing your Pet Care Professional is there to provide:

  • fresh food and water

  • "busy" break walk

  • administer medication (if requested)

  • playtime

  • lots of love 

Additional Service Fee of 25% on services provided on holidays.


Visits are priced for a household with up to 2 dogs or 1 cat /1 dog. 

*  Additional same day bio-break for puppies         or mature dogs, add $5.

* Rates are subject to change. Additional fees may apply.